Gi - Vinyl Printing

Gi - Vinyl Printing

A £35 deposit will be taken (non-refundable) at the time of placing the order. We then work on designs until you are happy with the look and the price - maximum would be £100. We would struggle to fit anymore patches on a Gi!!

The deposit will be deducted from the total and once the difference is paid, printing begins.

*shipping to be paid with deposit 
**Payment of balance to be made over Paypal

Full details can be found below...

It is of huge importance that we work with you to give you the look that you want for your Kimono. Consultation will be given throughout the whole process which will hopefully last no longer than 3 weeks.

Here it is:-

  1. Place your order through the site 
  2. You will receive an automatic email confirming your payment and giving you an order reference. 
  3. You will then get a second email soon after with a link to a form and the address to the send the Gi.
  4. You send your Gi, BUT NOT THE TROUSERS, a £2.50 surcharge will be applied to cover the shipping. 
  5. Please complete the form with what you want and attached files for your logos.
  6. Important - Please send us VECTOR files as it will allow us to maintain a high standard of quality and give us more options for giving the Gi a unique look. Your sponsors and team will most likely have these if you ask for them.
  7. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT - Please be sure you have permission to use the images. We won't print another companies logo just because you like that brand. That would be an infringement of copyright and not something we want to be involved in. You will need to email the permission to us at ocindust@gmail.com
  8. The form includes fields to upload Dropbox, Google Drive files etc... but if this is not possible, you can email us, please quote your order ref.
  9. Then the designing starts. You will receive our design and we can make changes until both parties are happy with the design
  10. Any extra cost will need to be paid over Paypal
  11. The Gi will then get printed and put through our quality control checks
  12. Once finished, the Kimono will be shipped First Class 'Royal Mail Signed For' ensuring its reliability
  13. You compete in your customised Gi and win 

We will aim to keep all orders as painless as possible.

Please refer to the IBJJF rules for placement of patches. Here is a link.

Please remember... nothing lasts forever! This service is designed for your competition Gi and as such daily use will take its toll. 

Washing instructions... wash as you would any other Kimono, not too high of a heat setting and certainly no tumble drying. Try to wash it inside out too. 

 Any further questions, please get in touch at ocindust@gmail.com or our Facebook page. 

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