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The idea for OC Industries was conceived in Bali when a patch came off my own gi whilst training as a guest in a local BJJ gym. I had heard of vinyl transfers and that they were used on gi's but didn't immediately see it as viable business. Nor did I expect to be receiving my first few orders in just over a week of returning back to the UK.

Whilst still in Bali, we witnessed the craziest driving imaginable. It was chaos but a type that the road users were able to navigate... Organised Chaos ... This became OC, the Industries was added because I thought it sounded cool. The last few days were spent figuring out what I needed to get up and running and the finances were done on the way home. Within 8 days I had gone from an idea to a website receiving orders. 

The brand has now grown and we will be announcing a new direction that we are taking in the near future but our core product/service will always be there. Putting your personality on your back. 

Once you place your order and have sent your logos, I work with you to get the design how you want it. No changes are too many! 

The quality has always been a focus and working closely with a supplier, I believe we use the best vinyl available with the best machinery. 

Here is a video of the vinyl being screwed up.



Vinyl tested, washed an re-tested. Extremely durable especially on Gis.

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Testing new vinyl materials - always trying to stay ahead of the game.

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Over the last 18 months we have learnt what works and what doesn't. The nature of the business means that it is very difficult to fix mistakes, therefore we have become pretty good at not making them. 

Due to personal circumstances, deadlines have been tight on jobs but this is now no longer the case. 

By offering a personal service and actually getting to know our customers, we have started something special. If you would like to be apart of this, please get in touch.

Speak soon!






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